Current Initiatives
World Economic Forum - Climate Governance Initiative
The goal of this initiative is to propose tools that can be useful for the board of directors to steer climate risks and opportunities: the governance principles are designed to increase directors' climate awareness, embed climate issues into board structures and processes and improve navigation of the risks and opportunities that climate change poses to business.

By providing a compass to enable more effective climate governance, this work strives to contribute to the Forum's Compact for responsive and responsible leadership and to sound an urgent call to action for purposeful stewardship from and for the most prominent custodians in corporations: their board of directors. Read the white paper here.
World Humanitarian Forum - Tech for Good Agenda
The WHF programming boards are designed to provide content guidance to the World Humanitarian Forum. The Programming Board will help to ensure the content of the conference remains relevant and of high quality. The Programming Boards will play a special role in helping curate the content of the WHF and provide strategic guidance for its development.

The objective for the WHF programming board is to assist in the design and content for WHF convenings and WHF Digital series with the aim to provide strategic guidance on key issues of international concern, specifically focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The Resilience Shift
This report focuses on the role of leadership for resilience - leadership that promotes and enables complex systems (in this case corporations and large cities) to function and thrive in the face of a major crisis.
Entrepreneurship Sports Generation
For the Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tGELF), I have helped develop their ESG program, a global platform for conscious entrepreneurs with the goal of creating one billion jobs. In 2020 we mobilised 300,000 startups across 195 countries. Find below the 2020 ESG Competition Global Finals.