Upcoming Talks

November 20, 2019, LA
Launch of Startup Guide LA
Startup Guide LA will launch during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.
November 29, 2019, Tokyo
Launch of Startup Guide Tokyo
Startup Guide Tokyo highlights the most exciting startups, founders, programs, investors and schools, from Clarity, an employer-rating platform that supports women and minorities to find the most suitable workplaces to Wantedly, a social hiring platform that connects individuals with companies based on shared mission and values.
November 29, 2019, Copenhagen
Life Data Challenge
The Life Data Challenge invites companies from all over the world to submit ideas on how Danish health data can be used in the devel- opment of new business models that create value for both people and businesses. Danish health data is widely acknowledged to be among the best in the world due to Denmark's decades-long tradition of registering and jour- naling patient cases.
December 12, 2019, New York
WEF: The Art of Creative Transformation
Digital technology is pushing the boundaries of creativity and sensory experience, fundamentally altering our conceptions of space, time, and culture. Advances in robotics and AI are challenging the very definition of what it means to be creative.
March 9-10, 2020, Tokyo
World Ocean Summit
The World Ocean Summitwill bring together a global group of policymakers, business and civil society leaders, investors, scientists and entrepreneurs to debate and develop new ideas on how to decouple economic growth from ocean degradation. How can we build a new— truly blue— ocean agenda?